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Fly Fishing for Permit can challenge and frustrate the world's best fly fishermen. Many Permit anglers go years without landing one. Fishing for Permit takes patience, persistence, a perfect cast and presentation, and sometimes a little luck doesn't hurt either as there are no second chances in Permit fishing. This is what makes this fish the ultimate prize in all of fly fishing.

The Yucatan is a great place to fish this species as they can be found all year long. You'll find them tailing on the flats and cruising the mangrove shorelines and are in the 5lb to 20lb range.

Ascension Bay and Isla Blanca, both offer excellent Permit fishing to anglers all year with the Spring months being the best. If you are up to the challenge and ready for the ultimate thrill on the flats, these locations will give you the opportunity.

Yucatan Fly Fishing for Permit
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