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Yucatan Fly Fishing For Tarpon

Tarpon are one of the most sought after fish on a fly rod or on conventional spin tackle. They give anglers an amazing acrobatic & aerial show with several spectacular jumps and a great battle.

Most Tarpon caught in the Yucatan are what's considered to be baby Tarpon. From about 5lb to 20lbs these fish are one of the most exciting fish to catch and much more fun usually than there big brothers, the 100lb to 150 pounders. In the spring and summer months migrating Tarpon enter the area and fish can range up to 50lbs.

Holbox, on the northern tip of the Yucatan offers Giant Tarpon Fishing in the late spring and into the summer. Sight casting to one of these beasts is an exhilarating experience in itself, landing one is an accomplishment everyone should try to accomplish.

Yucatan Fly Fishing for Tarpn
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