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Yucatan Fly Fishing For Snook

Snook are one of the best all around fighting fish on the flats. They will usually jump a few times and give you some nice runs before you get it in the boat. It's like a bass on steroids.

Snook can be found on the flats in as little as 6 inches of water, on deeper grass flats, or along the mangrove shorelines but are ambush predators that like to hang out around structure and pounce on their prey. 

Snook are around all year long in the Yucatan but they like warm water so they'll become a little sluggish in the winter months if we're having lot's of cool fronts coming through. Snook like fast moving water and can be found on the changing tides in channels, canals, passes and inlets.

Yucatan Fly Fishing for Snook
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